This site remains accessible, but is no longer maintained.
Last update: 16 January 2016

Current information regarding the project "Gurlitt Provenance Research" can be found on: 


This website contains all the latest information on the ‘Schwabing Art Trove’:

Facts and figures

A fact sheet containing current facts and figures, a list of the archives hitherto consulted by the Taskforce and a list of all members of the Taskforce were added to the section „About Us“.

Provenance reports

Under materials you can find the Taskforce’s final provenance reports released thus far on individual works of art. The most recent report published here is on the work by Adolph Menzel.

Business records

Facsimiles of Hildebrand Gurlitt’s business records can be viewed by following this link.

Short inventory

Since mid-March the Taskforce has been granted access to new sources made available by the administrator of Cornelius Gurlitt’s estate. A short list of these sources is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on different aspects of the “Schwabing Art Trove” are answered here.


The chronology presents an overview of the case as it has unfolded thus far.

Working methods

The about us section contains information on the structure and working methods of the Task Force.

Lost Art database

In the page navigation options you will find a link to the Lost Art database, containing those works in the ‘Art Trove’ that are still currently under suspicion of being Nazi-looted art.